4 Positive Aspects Of Running

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We do not like running on tape, it seems boring and we try to avoid them to the maximum.

However, we must recognize that it is a valid tool for a broker and that it may have some positive aspects that are worth taking into account.

Next, we tell you the 4 benefits of running on tape.


To improve as a runner you have to be constant; run with cold, with heat, with humidity, without it.

However, there are times when the weather gets too extreme and going out on the street can be dangerous (thunderstorms, for example).

In these situations, the tape can be a solution because there will be (or should not be) anything that puts you at risk.


Security can be a problem in some cities and tape can be a solution.

By running on the streets of your city, you will inevitably be exposed to thieves, dog attacks and / or vehicles and bystanders.

In unsafe areas or at times not very busy (like before dawn or at dawn), going to a gym and running on a treadmill is a very safe alternative.

For women who run alone, it can be a reassurance against the aforementioned dangers and sexual attacks.


For many runners it is very difficult to maintain an even rhythm. They run a few quick minutes, and others slow.

Although in some specific trainings this variation in the rhythms is valid, the truth is that many runners make so many changes that they end up changing the objective of the training.

They convert a recovery training (at slow rates) into a demanding training and vice versa.

The tape allows an absolute control of the rhythm to which you run. Simply configure the treadmill to 5 minutes per kilometer, so that you see yourself “forced” to do so.


When running outside, the panorama usually varies; You run through different streets, see other corridors, other buildings, etc.

When running on a tape, you usually see two things: 1) your face in front of a mirror running on a tape and 2) some TV that you have nearby.

However, most of the time, runners end up seeing the “beyond” and therefore get bored.

Although it seems that this boredom is a torture, it has a benefit: your head will say again and again “let’s get off the tape” and if you manage to overcome that voice you will be becoming a mentally stronger runner.